Where I've Been & Still Want to Go

Me on the Great Wall in Beijing, China. Much of my travels are thanks to my parents. 
I hope my husband and I can afford our kids the same opportunities.

As I was preparing for this vacation that we're currently on, I thought about all the places I've visited and want to visit. I remembered making this post a few years ago and decided to revisit it and track my progress, if you will.

While I was drafting this post and scrolling through photos of my time living in Barcelona, news broke of last week's terror attack there. My heart sank, because it holds such a special place in my heart. Barcelona is where my love for travel and my wanderlust were truly born. It is where I also believe I truly became the independent woman I am today--I don't think I ever would have had the guts to move to Chicago alone had I not formerly lived in Barca. I am forever grateful to that city and to its amazing people for the wonderful experiences I had. And my thoughts and prayers are with them, the victims and the victims' families. 

As for travel, it is one of my most favorite things. I love exploring new parts of the world -- and returning to ones that hold fond memories. To me, travel is like getting to live a dream each time you're doing it because the world really is a beautiful place. The world is also vast and there is so much of it I still want to see. 

Below are the U.S. states and territories and countries I have already visited. *I do not count anywhere I have only passed through on a road trip or layover because to me, travel is about exploring and immersion into different cultures, neither of which--to me, anyway--can truly happen inside an airport or car. 
**New additions since my last post are italicized

U.S. States: 
1.      California
2.     Connecticut
3.      Delaware
4.     Florida
5.      Hawaii
6.     Illinois 
7.      Indiana
8.     Michigan
9.     Nevada
10.  New York
11.   New Jersey
12.  North Carolina
13.  Oklahoma
14.  Pennsylvania
15.  South Carolina
16.  Tennessee
17.  Texas
18.  Virginia
19.  Wisconsin

1. Washington, DC
2. Puerto Rico 

1. U.S.
2. Aruba
3. Bahamas
4. Brazil
5. Canada
6. China
7. Czech Republic
8. Dominican Republic
9. England
10. France
11. Greece
12. Ireland
I3. Italy
14. Mexico
15. Spain


If I did count states/countries I have passed through the list would include (to the best of my memory):
Massachusetts, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Vermont, New Hampshire
Next on my list are: 
Louisiana (New Orleans)
Tahiti, Maldives or Bali
S. Africa
Seems like I've got some traveling to do :)