10 Tips for Flying with a Baby

So far, my husband and I have traveled on four flights and four 10+ hour car rides with our little one, with more trips planned this year. Before going away for the first flight, which was much more nerve wracking than driving, my husband and I researched and asked around a ton. Then, we traveled and figured out what works for us--and most likely will for you, too. 

I've compiled a list of tips that I think are most helpful if you are flying with your baby soon.  I hope you find them helpful. If any of you have additional tips, feel free to drop a comment!

1.     Bring your baby carrier/wrap. This makes it much easier to get through security because you can wear your baby through the metal detectors!

2.     On the subject of security, keep in mind that you are allowed to bring breast milk, ready to feed formula, and water for formula (we put it in a baby bottle) through security. I have also been asked whether I'd like it put through the X-ray scanner or not. *For more TSA traveling information, go here.

3.     Try to take flights around naps/ sleep time and/or feedings. This way your baby will be quietly asleep or feeding. 

4.     Make sure you have an "Infant" boarding pass for your little one because it's required during boarding.

5.     Take advantage of early boarding, though if you miss it it's OK. I missed the announcement last time we flew because I was changing Sebastian's diaper and the gate attendants refused to let us on before our row was announced... Needless to say I was not happy with them or their decision, but regular boarding went fine.

6.     Give your baby a pacifier or bottle, or nurse during takeoff and landing to prevent ear aches.

7.     Have toys handy in the under seat storage to keep your baby occupied.

8.     If possible and safe to do so, walk your baby up and down the aisle to give him a way to release any extra energy he might have from this new experience.

9.     If you have the option of being on the same flight as family members or friends, do it. Extra people = extra hands = extra help.

10.   Be patient with your baby. I think we often forget so much of the world is still new to them and can be overstimulating. If your baby is crying or restless, try to soothe him and try not to get upset. People around you have likely flown with a baby before--in fact, some might have firsthand experience traveling with a baby. If you feel there are people judging you, that's their problem. Yours won't be the first or last crying child they encounter on a flight. Such is life. (Also, some people forget that they, too, were babies once...)

Something to keep in mind is the younger the baby, the more he will sleep and the easier it will probably be (this was the case for our first flight). Once the baby begins crawling or walking, he is probably less likely to want to stay still (this was the case for our most recent flights)

Again, be patient. 

On our last flight, our little guy kept trying to reach over to my neighbor and touch him, grab his phone, head phones, etc. At the end of the flight, I told the young man I hoped he wasn't too bothered [by the invasion of his personal space] by us and our little one. The young man replied, "Not at all. He made my day better." 

I leave you with that story to let you know that there are good and understanding people out there who realize that babies are, well, babies. Cute, curious, and full of energy.

I wish you all a safe flight and fun trip wherever you are headed to next!


  1. Great read! While I don’t have a baby, my sister does and she will be flying with him next month so I forwarded it to her to read! :)

  2. I needed this last month! I didn't know what to do when we planned tonfly to California with my 8 month old. I'll be bookmarking and pinning this! Great info!

  3. It's been awhile that I've flown with babies, but I still remember my first flight. My daughter was 5 months. I flew from Jacksonville, Fl to LAX alone. I was a nursing mother and scared to nurse on the plane. My little one was a curious little one, so even when covered and she heard a noise she had to look. lol The worse part was when I needed to use the bathroom. A lovely passenger offered to hold her so I could use the bathroom. The passenger continued to hold her as I napped, which was great! A very nice lady that was traveling to visit her grandchildren for Christmas and understood how I tired I was with a deployed hubby and traveling to visit my own family for the holidays.

  4. These are such great tips! Since we are moving further from family next month we will be flying more. I will definitely keep these in mind.

  5. Flying with a baby is soooo stressful! I had no idea what I was getting into haha Great tips

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