Featured on Parents as a Latina mom to follow, Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis is a writer and content creator celebrating womanhood, motherhood and humanity.

Love is my power. 

born-and-bred New Yorker, I am a lover of love, life, and adventure. I've lived in different countries and different cities, but feel most at home when I am with my family. I enjoy a good book and believe it's important to appreciate the little things. 

Motherhood is my muse. 

"Mom" is not all that I am but it has been the most transformative journey. Motherhood has blessed me. It has challenged me. It has empowered me. From marriage to career (I've transitioned from  being an attorney to working from home), it has profoundly impacted every aspect of my life.

At Moments of Musing, I write with love to myself, to my family, and to all of you. 

We all have our moments. This is where I share mine. Here is where we give ourselves permission to be human. I am not perfect and neither are you. Life isn't perfect ...but it's perfect that way.

Throughout life's experiences, I have grown to trust myself and my abilities. Life's lessons might not be easily learned but nevertheless they are worth it. 

It is my hope that through connection and collaboration, this space will help to foster the empowerment of women and moms.

It is my sincere wish that all of you who are reading--moms or not--trust yourselves enough to know that you are more than good enough, not just for motherhood but for ANYTHING. 

After all, our greatest powers lie within us.

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If my words can help one person, that will be enough. 

Thank you for reading along.

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