Happy March! March is Spring's month, and therefore, symbolizes a month of new beginnings. Fresh starts. Change. This is also the first day of Women's History Month. So, what better day than today to re-launch my blog, which celebrates all things woman, mom, wife, and more? It has a new name, Moments Of Musing (M.O.M.), new(ish) look and facebook page

Though it feels scary to put my words out there for all to read, it's also freeing. I have my baby boy and my always-supportive family, especially my husband and brother, to thank for giving me the courage.

Becoming a mom has been the most rewarding (and tiring...but that's neither here nor there) life experience thus far, and I'm confident it will not be topped. Last week, I got home from work a bit exhausted but pushed that exhaustion aside to play with my baby; soothe him when he was crying because he was tired; lay next to him until he fell asleep for his nap; and then immediately missed him while he slept and pretty much stared at him until he woke up. 

...How quickly my feelings had shifted from being centered around my exhaustion to being centered around the most important person in my life--my son. That night was just another reminder that as exhausting as it may be and as guilty as I may sometimes feel, I know deep in my core that I was born to be a mom. 

That I will love being a mom more than all else. And that I am a great mom. These realizations of my ability, worth, and love have been groundbreaking. When stress feels unbearable, just looking into my baby's eyes takes it all away and grounds me. He has that effect. Motherhood has had that impact. To make me realize that the unimportant really is unimportant and the important that much more valuable. 

Of all the hats I've worn, "Mom" has become the most exciting and empowering one. I grew a human, care for him, provide for him, and I am responsible for helping to mold him into the person he will become. I don't know of a greater privilege and honor than that. I truly don't think one exists.

It's no surprise that since becoming a mom, motherhood has become my #1 writing topic, so I wanted my blog to reflect it more. It feels more authentic this way. I will still be writing about non-motherhood topics, as well, so don't worry if you're not a mom! I don't want you to feel left behind or left out... that's the last thing I want. 

It is my sincere wish that all of you who are reading--moms or not--trust yourselves enough to know that you are good enough, not just for motherhood but for ANYTHING. After all, our greatest powers lie within us.

Be sure to follow along on facebook and instagram :) As always, thank you for reading.