Date Night Out as Parents

Step 1. Decide you want to spend time alone together.
My husband and I are guilty of not going on many dates after our little one arrived. But he recently reminded me that "we should never get too busy for each other." (Yep, he's a keeper.) So, we decided to go on a date last weekend.

Step 2. Find a sitter.
Luckily, my family is close by and more than happy to watch our boy.

Step 3. Get yourselves and your child(ren) ready while trying to get out of the house in a timely manner. 
This is not the easiest thing to do in the world ... and one parent might not be able to find his shoes so running sneakers will have to do! Thankfully, for me, Pink Blush never disappoints and this pink turtleneck was the perfectly warm and laid back top (wearable as regular, as seen on me in Small, or maternity) for our night out at the movies. Plus, you can't go wrong with a pretty blush color :)

top c/o

Step 4. Sneak out after dropping your child(ren) off so there are no tantrums.
Who enjoys leaving their kid(s) while they're hysterically crying? :(

Step 5. Arrive at your date night location and wonder how your baby is.
You made it the whole drive without asking how it's going but now that you've arrived it's got you thinking...

Step 6. Check up on how baby sitting is going.
Is he crying? Hungry? Happy or sad? Boy, oh boy do we miss him!

Step 7. Enjoy your time together.
You're on a date, after all, because you and your partner needed/wanted this time together.... remember?

Step 8. Repeat Step 6 approximately 3-5 times.
If you receive good news and a smiley photo, be content with your decision to finally go on a date. If not, there's a good chance you'll leave early to pick him up.

Ah parent life.

And now I remember why a movie night in actually sounds so great. ;)


  1. Parenting life is definitely interesting and a wild ride haha. :) But yay for date nights, they are needed.

  2. It's so important to take time for yourselves as a couple. I know my parents loved their date nights!