It's OK to Step Away from your Career Path

It’s been almost two weeks since I began working from home full time. It was a career decision three years in the making. Today, I am writing to speak to all of you moms who might be feeling a pull in a similar direction. 

Motherhood is such a monumental and transformative journey. Adapting your career to fit your vision of motherhood can be okay.. and important.

At some points, I was feeling too down on myself. My expensive, three-hour commute (roundtrip) was wearing on me. Spending so much time away from my home made for messy, unorganized spaces. Grocery runs had to be done very early in the morning during the week, if at all. I was exhausted and stretched thin at times. And who is that good for? It's not. It isn’t good for anyone-- clients, bosses, and especially my family or me.

I knew I needed a change and when an opportunity presented itself, I took steps to negotiate the details. I wanted to make it happen. I needed to make it happen for my happiness and for my family's lifestyle.

And the key to it all is that I did not need anyone else's permission to do it. (I did, however, have to speak it over with my husband to make sure it was a good family decision.)
I realized the only person who needed to give me permission was myself. 

Permission to step away from my linear career path.

Permission to be gracious to myself during the transition.

Permission to have different career goals and plans than I had pre-motherhood.

Permission to follow my heart.

Everyone else understood. But I needed to be on board myself now to feel completely confident in my decision.

If you, too, are struggling with motherhood and your career, lean in to what you want to do and do what you can to make whatever that is happen. It might take years to come to fruition but keep at it.

You’re a go getter and a goal getter — you’ll get there, mama. 

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  1. This is SUCH A good reminder for anyone who has wavered on the topic! Life in general can be wearing and I feel like we get so trapped in the "but this is what I went to school for" bubble. You're right, the only person who needs to give "permission" is ourselves. Great read! :)