Day 1 of a New Chapter

Today is Day 1 of a new chapter. Yesterday was my last day officially employed as a lawyer. I spent so many years (decades), cried so many tears, worked hard and was so proud to become an attorney, and had career dreams come true so I don’t think younger me ever really saw this day coming. But then I became a mom and, well, everything changed. 

Motherhood has transformed me, my hopes and my plans. 

I’ll still be working (remotely), and I still have big dreams but they just look a little different. 
Am I nervous? A little. Sad? A tad. Excited? Heck yes! Change can be good and I’m leaning into that belief. 

Though initially apprehensive to move on from an attorney title, I am confident in my decision. I know employment titles are just that- titles. I will still work hard and I will still be valued. And this new chapter will enable me to be more present in the role of my most important title- Mommy. 

Thanks to all who’ve supported my career and motherhood journeys, especially my husband and parents! THANK YOU ALL because my blog + social media presence is what lead me to my new position. And biggest thanks to my two babies who are my biggest motivation + dreams come true of all. 

To those of you struggling with motherhood + career, trust yourself and your decisions. You know what’s best.

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