Why I Write

Writing became an outlet for me during my then-boyfriend/now-husband’s career. I felt lonely and missed him and sometimes sulked that we were living two separate, very different lives. I was in law school and he was an ocean away working for the Navy. 

So I wrote to simply express my feelings. My very first post was secretive, short and to the point (and not very well-written...). Since then, I’ve catalogued my life and our life together in much greater detail. 

These days, I write for similar reasons (as an outlet, to express myself and to connect with readers and others) but I also write with a more pointed reason in mind: for my legacy. I want to give my kids (and their kids and so on) something from me that captures part of the essence of who I am, what I think, and what I do. 

Sure, photos capture moments and memories. But words capture feelings in a way that photos can’t.

I want my boys to know how much I thought of them and loved them and have no doubt they’re my world. They’ll be able to tell that from the way I treat them, and from my smile and look in my eyes in photos of us together. 

But they’ll also know because I am writing and telling them so.

And so I share my writing on this little corner of the internet...that will hopefully survive the test of time and not be lost, like, say, a journal could be. 

Thank you for reading my writing. 

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