First Post!

I'm writing today because tomorrow is the 4th of July. I wish I could say Timmy will be joining me at the beach. But he won't be. He can't. He's on deployment. 

As sad as I am, though, I think we've grown so much stronger and closer this first month of deployment. We have to make an effort to communicate and I am so happy with the effort he's put forth. He got a sim card for his cell phone (SO happy he did!) before reading my email telling him that I think Skype would do. So we speak often. He also told me about the application "Viber." It's AMAZING. We can now text and call FOR FREE when he's connected to WiFi. 

You know, there's a saying "you don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." It's so true. I cried and cried and cried on the last day of my visit before his deployment. Not out of fear that we wouldn't work out but out of sadness that we wouldn't be creating physical memories together for the next few months. I also didn't want to think about not being able to see him until the end of the year. 

But looking at the big picture, at us being together forever has enabled me to be okay with it. We have so many memories ahead, so many laughs and kisses and fun times ahead. We have a lifetime of love ahead and I am so happy. 

I am in a happy place. I really have been since he walked into my life and for that I could never thank him enough.

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