8 Spring Cleaning Tips

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With highs in the 70's today and tomorrow, it feels like Spring is FINALLY in the air, thank goodness! I don’t know about you but the one thing I love to do when the weather becomes warmer is go through a huge deep clean within my house. The room I always need to tackle is my kitchen. It’s the heart of our home but most importantly, it’s the place where so many germs and clutter occurs without me even thinking.

Today I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks on how to get your kitchen ready for spring, one dirty dish and dust rag at a time:

1. Begin With An Empty Sink- Personally, dirty dishes are yack in my house! Let’s tackle it together! Either put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or hand wash them and put them away. By getting rid of that awful thing you hate first, everything will be a bit easier to manage!

2. Get Rid of Clutter and Trash- If there is one thing I hate it’s so many items that I never use anymore or worse, gross and smelly trash everywhere. Put items that belong in other rooms into a box or bag and set it aside. Put items that you’re wanting to donate in a different box or bag. Use a third bag to gather up all the trash and put it outside. Phew! Now doesn’t that look so much better!

3. Let The Light Shine In - Remove all your old curtains and take them into the laundry room for a good washing. Yes that’s right! Those get dusty and even moldy! A good clean wash will always keep them looking their best and you get a bit of natural light while you continue to tackle the kitchen!

4. Clean Cupboards And Drawers- Working one at a time, remove everything and clean the interior. Put expired spices and unwanted gadgets into a trash bag or a donation bag as you work. Once you’ve finished cleaning the inside of the cupboards and drawers, move on to cleaning the exterior including the handles! Be sure to get the hinges as greasy dust collects there too!

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5. Give Your Countertops A Good Wash - Remove everything from your countertops. I use a warm soapy water and microfiber cloth to give it a good wash because my counter tops are from one of my favorite stores, Premier Surfaces in Buffalo, NY. They offer friendly customer service, amazing variety of various countertops to choose from and easy installation to get the dream kitchen and counters you deserve! Sometimes if my countertops have a big or stubborn food spills, I’m able to use a bit of baking soda and water to get rid of it. Supre easy and durable, it’s the only store I will go too to keep my kitchen looking it’s best!

6. Tackle That Trash Can- Emptying the trash is simple so go ahead and get rid of all that waste by bringing it to a bin outside! Wash the trash can with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Let the trash can air dry in the sun if possible- the sun helps to deodorize and disinfect it!

7. Clean Out Your Oven And Clean The Refrigerator - Leave the windows in the kitchen open to avoid the overpowering smell that sometimes can happen. Don’t forget to vacuum the coils of your unplugged refrigerator. This is a great time to also sweep and mop under it to if you can find someone to help you move it out. Be careful of scratching your floor but it’ll be worth it getting that dirt and grime out!

8. Sort Through Freezer and Fridge - Throw out any expired food, mostly empty containers ( super guilty of this ) and items that you bought and never used. Put the stuff to keep on the counter. Take out the shelf and drawers and begin carefully washing the glass. Wipe down the entire inside of your fridge and freezer before replacing the shelves and food.  Don’t forget to wipe down and clean the oven according to the directions on the oven cleaner.

Some other tips to cleaning your kitchen? Make sure to gather all your supplies first. Reward yourself by ordering in for dinner! Close the newly cleaned kitchen at least until breakfast the next morning. I always put music on, an audio book or a foreign language tape to get keep my motivation up. This really helps to pass the time a bit more quickly and have a more enjoyable experience.

Enjoy your spring cleaning, friends!

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  1. I desperately need to give things a good deep clean. We're still in pollen season, so all of our outdoor furniture is covered in green.