While in the baby waiting room

I "mad dash-ed" out of work yesterday to make it to the baby's four-month checkup. He's developing well and reaching his milestones. That makes for a very happy mama. 

Fortunately, the doctor's office has a baby waiting room and that's where we go unless the baby is sicky. Yesterday while speaking to another mom in the baby waiting room, she told my husband and I about the struggles she's having with sleep training, the baby's weight gain and weaning her baby from breastfeeding. I shared our own struggles about our baby fighting sleep and my inability to continue breastfeeding and how bad I felt about it. 

In that time we spoke, I realized we're all just trying to be the best moms to our babies, while balancing our wacky hormones and still trying to be loving wives. It's far from easy and some days, I still feel like I'm not sure what or how I'm doing. Then, I get a smile from Sebastian and I know I'm doing just fine. My husband and I are doing just fine. We're all new to this and we're learning--together. 

Most of all, I realized the struggle (and snuggle) is real. And it's okay--it even feels good and validating--to admit it to one another ...It also made me want to make mommy friends so I'm off to look up mommy and me groups. :)


  1. It's definitely a learning process, but you are doing amazing for your little guy. :)

  2. You are doing an amazing job! You have a mommy friend In me and you can join any of our putting. We have a circle of 6 of us :)