This month, start living your best life

How is Halloween over and November already here? I feel like I blinked and life fast forwarded itself. 

Ah, life. 

This month, no matter the ups and downs and all arounds--live it. Live every experience fully and freely. Don't let the negatives creep in and overtake the positives. Don't "woe is me" your days away. 

Let's take my life, for example. I've had people call it a "fairytale" and while it's semi-flattering, it's also a little offensive when expressed a certain way. Yes, I'm aware I have an amazing husband and a beautiful baby boy. I am blessed BEYOND belief and I'm so in love with both of them. I would not do anything differently. 

But my life is not picture perfect. My marriage is strong but there are days when my husband and I strongly disagree. My son is the best thing to ever happen to me but his newborn days were (mostly) sleepless, difficult and yet overwhelmingly happy. Work is tough but I'm lucky to have a job I enjoy and the understanding coworkers I do. 

It's all about perspective. Even if you don't like this season in life, make the most of it. Don't discount your own successes or life experiences because someone else's seem better. If I did that, I could go on and on about whether we have enough--money, space, time, so on and so forth.  

And still, even though my life is far from perfect, I have to pinch myself because none of the imperfections matter when the loves of my life look at me. We're doing the best we can and I think we're kicking butt at it. We're just living the best life we can right now

You deserve to do the same. 

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  1. I love this! It's so important to make the most of things even when they aren't perfect. Those are the moments we learn from the most.