I really miss Chicago

There. I said it. My emotions have been all over the place about this. It could be because of the Cubs' win and the celebration parade today passing our old street. It could be my wacky postpartum hormones. It could be both. 

Lately, I've been wondering whether moving back to overpriced, overcrowded NYC was the best decision. We had it good in Chicago. So good. Living downtown a block from the beach and the lakefront. Sunrises peeked through our living room every morning. There was no shortage of good food. I had a respectable job I loved in a city I loved. The streets were clean and the people were friendly. It was the perfect mix of city and country for my husband. 

But he and I were alone. Sure, I had coworkers who I liked but we didn't have friends. We spent all of our free time together. While it was great for our relationship, we'd sometimes feel lonely and bored. 

I'd started thinking about what life there would be like when we had kids. And no family to watch them--babysitting or growing up. It seemed depressing. And so, we determined we'd move back. I don't know exactly when we made th decision but it seemed to happen organically. 

Of course, I'm happy here in NYC. It's mainly (see: all) because of my family and my girlfriends. Seeing Sebastian with my loved ones makes this move worth it. Well, for the most part, at least. Lately, though I can't seem to get Chicago and our life there off my mind. After all, it's where I truly grew, it embraced me and treated me so well.  I can't help but feel like I abandoned it. 

And sometimes, I just want to move back. 

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  1. You're not alone! When we made the decision to stay in Hawaii permanently, we knew that it meant being away from family and friends on the east coast. It broke our hearts, but we knew we would miss the island fiercely if we left it all behind. Maybe one day we will change our minds and move back to the mainland, but for now we are happy just us :)