The end of my maternity leave is near...

For those who know me, it should be of no surprise that I've already had a meltdown about going back to work. In fact, I shed a few tears while writing this.  To say I am sad is an understatement.

I am scared to miss Sebastian's firsts. His first crawl, word, steps. 

I am worried he won't love me as much. I don't want him to feel less loved because I am around less.

I am anxious to spend most of our days apart. I wish I could spend more than just a few hours together during the week. My 1.5 hour commute doesn't help much. 

I am sad that I'll miss his good morning smiles and happy moods. I'll most likely be leaving the house while he's still fast asleep. 

I do hope he knows I am doing this for him. To help our little family. I hope he grows up to be proud of the mom I am and try to be. Moms who've gone back to work after having a baby--PLEASE share your tips! Much thanks in advance.


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