Baby's Napping Nook

Remember when I blogged my nursery inspiration board? Well, to say my inspiration has changed a bit would be an understatement.

I've yet to decide on a crib, I returned all of the owl bedding and decor, and we're now back at square one. I'm looking into mixing and matching pieces rather than having it be matchy-matchy and all from the same bedding set. I feel better about starting with a clean slate again.  

The only thing I've always been sure about has been this teepee. My husband set it up yesterday and we put Sebastian to nap inside. He seemed happy when he woke up and I hope he'll enjoy it even more as he gets older. 

I'll be sharing my nursery nook inspiration soon, and why it's called a nook. First, I have to decide the theme and decor... I've never had this much fun planning a space! Stay tuned :)

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