HoHoHome Sweet Home—Christmas Decor

This post is sponsored by Christmas Tree Shops but all opinions are my own. 

I’m starting to think I should begin decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. It feels like Christmas is so soon and I’ve only just put the final touches on our indoor decor, which I take the reigns on. (I leave most of the outdoor decor for my husband to do.)

This past weekend, we finally decorated our tree and added some festive touches around the house with Christmas Tree Shops decor. It's a night I look very forward to because our tree decorating night has become a bit of a tradition filled with Christmas music and movies, hot cocoa or coffee and with the kids placing (more like attempting to place)  the star atop the tree. 



I hadn’t unveiled our real Christmas tree yet because we hadn’t decorated it yet. We picked up poinsettia pins and ornaments at the Christmas Tree Shops. Christmas Tree Shops has so many ornament and tree decor options. We, however, kept it simple this year to keep R from getting hurt when he grabs at the tree. 

It might come as a surprise that the poinsettia pins were my husband’s idea! Admittedly, I was hesitant at first but I actually love how they look. I actually think they really dress it up and it’s pretty much my favorite part of the tree decor. 


We believe in Santa in our home! It never really was a discussion between my husband and I because we both figured we’d stick to our childhood traditions of believing. Playing Santa will be fun! 

I get giddy setting out Santa’s cookies too because I can’t wait to see S’s face when he sees the cookies we’re eaten! Also... I love cookies so there’s that. We’ve set out this cookies plate from Christmas Tree Shops as decor for now but S knows what it’s for come Christmas! 



When my husband saw a hot cocoa and s’mores set featuring Nutella he brought it to my attention. And I brought it home with us! It’s all yummy. Plus, we love coffee so the mugs will last us way past Christmastime- so it was a win-win. It’s hard to sneak in moments alone so sometimes a quiet morning sipping our coffees will do just fine. 

Believe it or not, Christmas Tree Shops don't only sell Christmas decor and items. They offer an exciting, changing seasonal assortment of affordable and stylish decor year-round. I’m talking furniture, wood signs, items for pets and even a variety of foods! So don’t hesitate stopping in even after Christmas!


  1. I love your decor! It's simple but so festive. :)

  2. Great blog and loved the decor. Your blog needs to be included in one of the best parenting blogs out there.