Baby #2 is a ...

I decided to save one of the best posts of this year for almost last (being that this is my second-to-last post of 2017). Side note: Where'd the year go??!

Anyway, I'm finally spilling the beans about Baby #2's sex. As I previously said, my husband and I have known for quite some time now but we wanted to confirm and then life got pretty busy. After sharing my answers to some old wives tales, the guesses as to Baby #2's sex were overwhelmingly GIRL. Most of our family and friends thought the same.

Well, to all of you who guessed girl ...

you are incorrect. 

Baby #2 is a BOY!

S is getting a baby brother and we couldn't be happier. I might or might not already be planning matching outfits ;)

Boy mom life, here I come!!!

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