Motherhood is Amazing... and Hard

I was recently watching a morning talk show and one of the hosts (a mom herself) said she doesn’t understand why moms complain about motherhood being hard. In turn, I felt a little guilty about ever thinking and saying such ... but then I quickly remembered that while amazing, sometimes motherhood is hard.

It's hard to take care of myself when all of my energy goes to them.

It's hard wanting to work to help provide and feel accomplished while also feeling guilty for leaving them.

It's hard running on much less sleep.

It's hard loving them so much that the thought of anything happening to them or them ever leaving me is scary.

It's hard dealing with the tantrums, and the whining ... and the MOMOMOMOM while trying to accomplish something simple like cooking.

It's hard making and keeping plans with friends.

It's hard finding the time to sit and just be.

It's hard coming to grips with these feelings while also knowing my love for them is endless.

And it's also amazing!

The moment I saw that positive pregnancy test ... and then the ultrasounds ... and that out-of-this-world feeling when I first officially meet them.

Their selfless love, sweet love.

The moments they hold my hand or cuddle.

The first MAMA ... and even when they say MOMOMOM because my #1 wish was to become a mom.

When they run into or fall asleep in my arms.

When I hear an "I love you!" 

When they give me a belly laugh or cheesy grin and look at me like I'm their whole world.

Because at this time, I am. And they are, and always will be, mine.

So yes, motherhood is amazing and it's also hard. The two can and do (for me, at least) simultaneously exist. Acknowledging the hard parts does NOT make me a bad mom, though, it makes me an honest one. 


  1. My goodness, yes!!! To all of these! It's the most stressful and amazing role ever.

  2. Such a great post, Jackie! I completely agree. Motherhood is such a rewarding and challenging journey all at the same time. Sierra Beautifully Candid