This past weekend we went to Michigan to visit my husband's family. It was such a nice visit and honestly, I'm always sad when we part ways. They love me like I'm one of them and seeing how much they love my husband and our son makes me really appreciate them more. Family is so important to us so it's hard to live away from them. Fortunately, we live near my family so we get family time in between visits with my husband's side. 

Being present during family time is important, too. I tried my best not to be on my phone as much (though I couldn't hold back as much on the last day during the NASCAR race we were watching lol) and there were many times I didn't even know where it was because I hadn't really been using it.

It seems like these days, more and more people are becoming overly attached to their phones, social media and what's going on in other people's lives. Who's wearing what, who's following you, what happened last night, etc.  

I'm sometimes one of them. I find myself spending too much time browsing social media, editing a photo or thinking of a witty caption ... or falling down the rabbit hole looking at the profile of a friend of a friend of a friend. Then, I look up and see Sebastian staring at me, probably wondering what's so good about it all because it takes my attention away from him. And I immediately feel guilty. 

This is why partway through Lent, I promised to be on my phone less, especially around Sebastian, and present more. This means lately, when I get on my phone I have a lot of texts (see: 102 from my girlfriends... we like to chat just a little...) and maybe some calls. But it also means I'm living in the moment more, which to me means experiencing life more fully. The more present I am, the more enjoyable moments are, and the less desire I to be on my phone and miss out.

As our island vacation approaches, I'm continuing with this process of unplugging (for the most part). I am going to try to unplug fully by not posting while we're out and about, and maybe even for the whole vacation. It seems a bit ambitious and a little voice is telling me, "Baby steps, take baby steps" but I'm going to attempt it and I'm not going to worry about how many people unfollow me because I don't post, or what I'm missing out on in the social media world. 

Because that's what it is--a whole other not-as-genuine world. Life through little squares is so carefully curated--the good stuff is the messy, raw, behind-the-scenes experiences that make up real life. I want to cherish and relish in those. I want to be fully present for those


  1. I do my best to be on social media when E is asleep, like you said it can be a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of.

  2. Yes! Unplugging is so important. I can't tell you how many nights Mac and I are sitting next to each other glued to our phones.