Today, there is hope.

It was raining here yesterday. I somberly joked that even New York City was crying. Today, however, the sun is shining. Today, there is hope. 

I took the day yesterday to feel hurt and sad and upset. I cried and I despaired. I still want to stomp my feet because the popular vote spoke and we're WITH HER. But in all the madness, I find comfort in a few things: 

• It is my husband and I who will (try our best to) shape our boy most and who will teach him to be kind, treat everyone with respect, and above all, to be a good human being. And that when he sees a bully at school attacking others, to not just sit idly by and certainly not to support the bully--we'll teach him to stand up for what's right and to defend their or get help for those being attacked. Because we are all far more alike than we are different. We all deserve to be treated with the utmost human dignity. 

• This election's dangerous, divisive rhetoric has created dialogue and I'm hopeful (here I go being hopeful again) that there are people who are now checking their straight, male and/or white privilege, or at least recognize that they have it. Only then can change be possible. 

• Thus far, I've dedicated my career to public service because I agree with Hillary when she says all women have value and "that fighting for what's right is worth it." It really is. Little has given me more joy and profound pride than the work I do. 

I will continue to fight the good fight for a better humanity. At work and beyond. And my husband and I will do our part at home. We all should. Because indeed, we are stronger together. We and all of our children deserve a better future. 

So while I'm still sad and mad, it's just too exhausting to continue to be so without trying to remain positive. Last night, I went to sleep knowing there are still many beacons of hope, though they might be harder to see these days. There is still much love and much to be thankful for. 

I will not let these results dim my beliefs... and they surely will not defeat me. 

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