Why I've been wishing time away

These days I find myself looking ahead more and more. I look forward to going home when I haven't arrived at work yet. I count down til lunchtime because it's usually around then when I'll video chat with the baby. I look forward to the weekend on Monday. 

The work days spent apart from him have sometimes felt long, other times fleeting. Regardless, each evening I rush home to kiss and cuddle and talk to him. When the clock hits 5PM, I have one goal: see my baby as soon as possible. 

I've never been a proponent for doing this--wishing time away. But then again I've never had this good of a reason. 

There is a silver lining, though. 

When I do get home, I rarely even look at my phone... because, above all, this working mom experience has given me a crash course in realizing the value of our time...

and let me tell you--it is precious.

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  1. In times like that it is good to wish the time away! I totally get it!