Happy Monday! (Yes, you read that correctly)

So another weekend has come and gone and here we are at Monday. Personally, I'm tired and could use an extra day to recup. It wasn't until last night when I realized I'd worked every day of the past seven days. Granted, yesterday I did my work at home and it was interesting so I didn't even realize I was technically working. But I was and I in fact did work for a straight week. It was a first for me ...but I'm sure not a last. Regardless, today is a happy day. For no reason and for every reason in particular. 

I'm alive
I have great health insurance. 
I'm healthy.
I'm going to be walked down the aisle by my dad (more on that this Wedding Wednesday!!). 
I'm engaged to an amazing man. 
I will be joined here by him so soon. 
And I go home soon, too. 
The list could go on and on. 

You see, just because the weekend is over... and it's the first day of the work week... and many of us are probably really tired... doesn't mean we should be unhappy today. 

Life's a gift. Be grateful for it. 

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