To My Firstborn


You made my #1 dream come true when you were created. You made me a mom. 

In just under two years, you've taught and shown me so much about life. You've taught me about myself and about selflessness. About love at first sight. You have given me lessons in patience day in and day out. And you've pushed me to give myself grace, time and time again.

You have shown me a timeless, everlasting love. A love that breaks barriers and expectations. A love that knows no end or beginning, no judgment and no fear. You have loved me when I've looked and felt my worst. And your love makes me feel like I am doing my best.

Your presence lights up a room, your giggles lift spirits and your cuddles carry me through my mom guilt. Your increasing intelligence and independence make me proud of the little boy you're growing into.

You have strengthened the marriage between your dad and me. Because that's just what you have done and continue to do -- make the world a better place because you are in it. We could not fathom a lifetime without you in it. 

And though our lives are about to drastically change as we add another member to our family, please know:

You (along with the baby) are and will still be loved more than anything else.

You will be the best big brother.

Your little brother will look to you in a way no one else will.

I am still 100% your mama.

We are hoping in each other, you will find a best friend and form a bond that can never be broken, and that you will walk through life feeling as though your special relationship has been a gift all along.

I love you. I love you. I love you. 

Forever your mama, 



  1. I love this so much and so will he!

  2. This is such a sweet letter! I still remember feeling like this when I was expecting my second child.

  3. Awesome post! This is beautiful! I actually just wrote something like this for my first-born! I think people don't realize that sometimes it's hard to let our first one go as our only child. We just left them so much and we became different people because of them. You did a great job representing the love Mommy's have for their first born!

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  5. Loved your article. Having a newborn is the one of the biggest happiness of life. I still remember my time when my baby was born. How I saw him growing, how I helped him crawl, how he started to walk. All these things still trigger in my mind. These little things are the best part of mother's life.