5 Ways to Get Older Siblings Excited for a New Baby

Having a baby is a big change for the whole family. Older siblings will be affected by the change from only children or younger children to older siblings, and have feelings about it, understandably so. I have previously shared four ways I think you can help prepare your toddler in his or her transition to big sibling

Today, I am sharing ways to get them excited about the new baby's arrival:

1. Let them know they are still super in your eyes! A super big brother or big sister set will be fun for them to show off their promotion to older sibling.

Big Brother Gift Set

2. Let them wear their new titles proudly. New t-shirts to match their little siblings could help them feel included and special.

Big Bro T-shirt | Big Sister T-shirt

3. Read books about becoming older siblings, and about welcoming a new baby into the family. 

4. Help them practice having a new baby around and being a big sibling with baby dolls. Research has shown "[d]oll play may provide a unique opportunity for children to practice social interactions important for developing social-emotional skills, such as empathy."

5. Get them involved in the excitement when new baby arrives! These flags are a cute way for them to announce to family and friends that the baby has been born. 

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