Normalize Motherhood's Messiness

This post is sponsored by Poise® but all opinions are my own.

I recently got the call for my scheduled c-section date (feelings about that could go in a whole other post)! The bright side of it is that we know around what date the baby will be here. Despite feeling "ready", to say I am nervous is an understatement. I have never had three kids so the adjustment will be a new experience, and I am scared to have a third c-section.

I am trying to view all the change positively, though. Thankfully, the baby is doing well and I am feeling pretty well. My weight gain is stagnant and my mood is happy. One of the more recent body changes I am experiencing has been increased bladder leaks. It's nothing I haven't experienced during pregnancy before, though... I am well aware that it's just another part of the joyful messiness of motherhood!

Though this can be an uncomfortable topic for women to discuss, I think it's important to raise awareness about what causes bladder leaks (hard kicks from the baby, laughing, sneezing, simply walking around, just being!) I am all for normalizing all parts of womanhood and motherhood - even, and perhaps especially, the messy parts.

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