Menu Planning + 1 Month Plant-Based!

This post has been sponsored by Cinch! but all opinion are my own.

It’s already been about a month since my husband and I have adopted a plant-based diet! I have kept it kind of on the down-low because I am not one to really share what I eat and I do not want to seemingly impose my dietary beliefs on anyone else.

That being said, we’ve really enjoyed this time. I have always joked I could do it because I’ve never been a huge fan of meat. So when Tim mentioned cutting meat and dairy from our diets, I didn’t really think twice. I sort of had been waiting for the day he’d be open to it haha! Having him on board for such a big change is a huge help to stay on track.

Another big help is meal planning! It’s so much more efficient for grocery shopping and when it comes to dinner time. Our dinner meals are usually plant-based for the whole family (though our kids still consume some meat and dairy), so it’s nice to see what’s for dinner each day of the week rather than scrambling to put dishes together at the last minute.

The Cinch! Magnetic Dry Erase Menu Board has been especially useful for menu planning. It has a cute design with bright neon liquid chalk markers that erase effortlessly with a paper towel or napkin. It has dedicated spaces for each day of the week to help lay out our meals, a grocery list area and a to do list portion so we can be prepared and organized together. If my husband is wondering what to pick up from the grocery store or I’m trying to remember what’s for dinner, all we have to do is check the board. Use code 10MOMENTS for 10% off Cinch! products on Amazon (for a limited time). 

I should note that we’re a pretty flexible family, so our menu is never rigid. We order out some days and change up what we want others but having a drawing board to bounce off of rather than a blank slate each dinner time helps a ton. I think every family could find this Cinch! menu board helpful!

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