Back to School Fall 2020

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Whatever you decide regarding back to school this fall, I think the consensus is that this is a particularly more stressful back to school season. There’s no easy or best decision, really. We are still awaiting reopening guidelines for S' preschool. That being said, my husband and I are torn but currently leaning one way... 

Before I discuss which way we are leaning in our decision-making process, I want to say that my (very involved) husband and I are both home full-time. Due to this, we are able to share household and parenting duties. I know many others do not have this and therefore school / activities serve multiple purposes in addition to education, i.e. provide the ability for parents to get work done; mental health breaks; etc.  

We trust that the preschool will take precautions to keep the kids safe. We also appreciate that the school is a nursery school, so only open to 2-4-year-olds. However, we are still worried about what fall will be like here in the NYC surrounding area. Cases have begun increasing again here, and while the number is low, I am worried it will continue rising as cold and flu season arrive. Also, the benefits of social interaction seem outweighed by the possibility of social distancing. 

Therefore,  we are leaning toward homeschooling, or virtual school if that is an option. We do know just how much S enjoyed school so we will wait until we receive reopening plans to make our final decision.

One less thing I, and everyone who needs glasses for school and work, have to worry about during this stressful BTS season is renewing my vision prescription and ordering new glasses. Discount Glasses offers the convenience of doing from the comfort and safety of your home! Plus, if you're like me and have little ones who have broken your glasses, or have little ones who might break their own, you can appreciate the affordable prices. 

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Though it might seem difficult, it is really simple. Here are Step-by-Step Instructions to help guide you through the process:

1. Go Through Checkout
Once you’ve added your eyeglasses to your cart, choose the “Renew Your Prescription” option during the “Prescription Step” of the Checkout.

2. Complete Order
Add payment information and complete your order. Don’t worry, your card will not be charged until after you’ve finished the test and your order is on the way.

3. Click the “Get Rx” Button
A link to renew your prescription will be shown on the order confirmation page or sent via your order confirmation email.

4. Enter State and Birthday
If your state and birthday are deemed to be eligible, the next questions will appear. If not, you will be sent to search for a doctor in your state.

5. Answer Health Questions
A few health questions will be asked to make sure you meet the qualifications to renew your prescription without seeing a doctor.

6. Take the Test
If you meet the qualifications, you will be guided through the test with video tutorials to help. You will need your smartphone, your computer, and 10 feet of space.

7. Receive New Prescription
Once you’ve completed the test, a doctor will review it within 24 hours. A PDF of your valid prescription will be sent to you via email and your package will be shipped!

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