Scary Water Incident + Water Safety Tips

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Recently, R tripped and fell over when in water. I wasn’t the one to see the trip and wasn’t the one to pick him up. 

When I saw his face in the water, the seconds felt like minutes and I swear time stood still. 

I couldn’t shake my nerves for a little and was internally freaking the F out. I watched him like a hawk for days afterward... I still feel guilty about it all, and annoyed/upset at myself because I had JUST read + listened to the story of Desiree Fortin AKA The Perfect Mom about her daughter’s near-drowning incident

So here’s my reminder to all of you: 

  • ALWAYS PRACTICE WATER SAFETY when with your babies, no matter the body of water (bath tub, ocean, lake, big pool, baby pool, etc.). This includes floats/ life vests, and emptying water from buckets once done playing. 

  • BE VIGILANT. Put down your phone and if you have to be on it or want to take a photo, hold your babies while doing so or ask another adult to watch your baby who is not distracted. 

  • ENROLL YOUR KIDS IN SWIM LESSONS. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated its recommendations to prevent drowning in children. It now informs parents that swim lessons can be beneficial to children starting around age 1.

I feel a little better now, only because he’s okay... but I know how quickly things can not be okay. 

I didn’t want to share this initially because I was ashamed of myself (still am a little to be honest — not looking for pity) but I also think there can never be too many water safety reminders so here I am telling you. 

If this reminds even just one parent to practice water safety, then it's worth it.

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