My Appreciation for my Mom has Evolved & Grown

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Since becoming a mom, my appreciation for my mom has evolved and grown.

Now, when I think of her, I think of her watching S because he had a cold while I was in the hospital after giving birth to R. I think of her washing my dishes or mopping my floor because I was exhausted. I think of her folding my laundry because it (very quickly) piles up.

I think of her holding both boys in her arms as they both cry when I’m at work. I think of her living part-time with us at times so that I can work. I think of her swooping in last minute and arriving at my doorstep when R was a couple weeks old and S still had his cold so he couldn’t be near him. 

I think of her calling to check up on how our days were going during maternity leave — because she knew how stressed I was. I think of her reminding me that she’s always there for me. I think of her assuring me that mom guilt is normal, and sharing her own stories with me to make me feel better. 

And I think of her telling me I’m a good mama after hearing me remain calm despite being exhausted as S was throwing a tantrum during bedtime. 

These days, I remind myself of my mom sometimes. And I see more of  her when I look in the mirror, too. It’s an honor, really because she selflessly devoted so much of herself to my brother and I. I can only hope to be as devoted to my babies, too. 

Thank you, Mom. Not only today, or tomorrow, or on Mother’s Day... but everyday.

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