On Stepping Away from a Role

Something I learned in 2017 that I am carrying with me into this year is that it's okay to take a step back. To realize when I'm stretched too thin. To not overextend myself. 

I never publicly mentioned it but late last year, I decided to step away from my role as NYC Chapter Manager ("Momager") of the Working Like Mothers Network. It was my first time ever stepping away from a role for personal reasons. 

I went back and forth over the decision for a few months. Over the summer, I learned we'd be welcoming a second baby. My pregnancy became a bit difficult with how sick and tired I felt much of the days. Work kept me busy, and then we decided to buy a house and move out of NYC. A lot was going on in my little family's life. 

Being the chapter manager just wasn't working out anymore. Personally, I did not have the stamina I needed (first 20 weeks or pregnancy kicked my butt) but more importantly, I just did not have the time that it warranted and deserved. Moving and settling into our new house and preparing for Baby #2, while caring for S and working, take up basically all of my free time now. 

Deciding to step away from my role was a difficult and stressful decision. I did not want to admit "defeat." To be honest, at first, I felt like I had failed. But the relief I felt was so immense that my feelings of failing quickly subsided. (Plus, the network leaders are amazing and were very understanding.)

So, in 2017 I learned an important lesson -- listen to my gut. If I'm feeling overwhelmed, it's because I probably am. I have the power to change that, though, and I could and should. After all, I'm much more productive when I feel more confident in the responsibilities I've taken on. 

I hope this will encourage you all to listen to yourselves, too. Take chances and risks. Welcome new opportunities. Please, please do. But do not do so at the expense of your peace of mind and self care. You are the only you there is. Take good care of yourself. 

**If you know someone who you think would be interested in managing the NYC chapter, let me know!**

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  1. I think you made the right choice! I commend you for making that choice even though it was hard.