Because I'm an Optimist

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You know the phrases "half glass full" and "half glass empty"? I'm a half glass full kind of person. I choose to view life through a positive lens.

I'm an optimist.

I enjoy the simple moments. The big moments, the small moments the small moments that really wind up being big moments. I savor the good moments and try to learn from the not-so-good.

I try my best to find good in bad. Happiness in sadness. Light during dark times. Love amongst hate. Beauty when there is ugly.

I believe life is beautiful. And it's worth all the hard times and heartache. I believe in humanity. I am grateful for sunshine and fresh air and clean water. I think time with loved ones is time best spent.

If ever I feel tired, I have coffee. If ever I feel sad, I have my husband and son. If ever I feel lost in thought, I have this space. I write. I express. I try to tell you about all the light, love and good there is.

Because life's goodness deserves recognition. And because I am an optimist.

Happy (yes, happy!) Monday, loves!


  1. I'm the same exact way! I have a hard time being negative, it's just draining to be that way.

  2. You look so pretty in this dress! I love your outlook and need to try a little harder to see the positive in things. My husband is more like you and I am the one always saying, well, but what if... Beautifully Candid