New year, new-ish goals ... new me? (2017)

Linking up with Helene's Best of 2016

New year, new me, right? Not exactly. I woke up on January 1st the same person I was on December 31st, just a more tired/ exhausted version. (Is it just me or do you also feel like the holidays are a bit draining?)

I will say I am a different person than I was a year ago. I have some new, and some of the same, goals. I have more responsibilities. I have more reason for living. And I love a whole lot more--so much I feel like my heart could burst at times.

I'm a mom now. This year, and from now on, my goals are centered around the tiny human being who is my baby:

Be more present. 
I want to put my phone down more. Watch less TV. Interact more. This has become way easier since Sebastian's birth because he requires so much attention--and I honestly appreciate that it's forced me to be more present. 

Be ambitious. 
I want to gain followers and page views. I want to continue to push myself and advance in my career. I want to get back into running and have a healthier diet. This year, I will continue pushing myself to be the best I can be.

Be patient. 
I have a feeling patience will be key for much of life. Patience with myself as a mom. Patience with my husband and my son. Patience with however fast or slow my progress is going. I will be kind to myself and give myself grace.

My goals from last year remain, as well:
Save more money. 
Looking back on 2016, I am happy, and feel blessed, to say it was indeed the best year ever, ever, ever. Our savings was a roller coaster because while we did hit a high, we spent more than ever before on our son. I am thankful we were able to save so much because it enabled us to finance all of our baby-related bills,  move into an apartment, and afford a couple weeks of unpaid maternity leave at the end of my 13-week leave. As always, I'd like to continue, or even amp up, our saving. 

Buy a home.
House hunting and the goal of buying a home took a backseat once my pregnancy progressed and we realized the NYC housing market was just too high for us then. We're hoping this year will be the year we become home owners ...but I am going to continue being kind to us if that's not the case again. 

Let God. 
I have high hopes 2017 will be another great year for us, though. Once again, I will keep my faith and continue trusting that God has great plans for us. And of course, my not-so-secret "secret" goal remains: It's okay to let go and let life happen. 

After all, there's only so much of life that we can plan for. 


  1. I love these goals because they are realistic and things that everyone should strive for.

  2. I'm a completely different person this year too, because of a baby! Cheers to a wonderful year.

  3. I am TOTALLY on board with being more present this year. It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race, but being here and now is EVERYTHING. I hope your 2017 is off to a great start :)