Motherhood: A balancing act

Sometimes when I'm with the baby, he fusses (or wails) unless he's in my arms. That means, one-handed bottle preparations, tooth brushing, sorting the apartment, name it. 

Much like everyday life with a baby, various life demands have to be balanced or juggled. 
Sleep and cleaning. 
Self and him. 
Work and play(time). 

I turned down a great networking opportunity earlier this week. I originally told my dad I'd go with him and then a few minutes later, I told him I actually couldn't. I'd already made plans for this evening and I didn't want to spend two evenings away from the baby in one week. 

I wondered if I was being a good enough professional after I declined the invite. Pre-baby or pregnant me would've jumped at the opportunity but these days, quality time with Sebastian means a whole lot more than any networking event. Still, it had me wondering how exactly I'll be able to continuously juggle everything. The short, simple answer is: I'm not sure--I'll just try my best.  

I'm quickly realizing that this new stage in life is certainly all about balance, and I'm still learning how to do just that--while still feeling like a good enough mom, professional, wife and so on. 

The short answer: I am good enough. I'm more than good enough. 

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