10-Year Challenge

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the 10-year challenge going around on social media. This is me 10 years ago:

I was a Penn State junior living in Barcelona for a semester. Basically, I was a full-time student, part-time tourist, and partier extraodinaire ...


My main priorities were going to class, figuring out my social activities, travels and budgeting. I’m still amazed I was able to do well in my classes (I made the deans list every semester and graduated with honors) and budget the lump-some allowance my parents gave me. If you knew me back then, you’d probably be surprised, too. 

If I could tell myself anything back then it would be: To take better care of myself, to appreciate my life (I most definitely did), and to rest assured that my time in Barcelona, as amazing as it was, is just one chapter.
The times ahead will prove that life’s best moments haven’t happened yet.

Ten years ago, I blacked out almost every time I drank, which was multiple times per week. (I thought this was normal college behavior at the time.) I was excited for my 21st Birthday. I was a lot more fearless and a lot less responsible. Back then, life was laid back and fun— so much FUN!

I really, truly believed those were the days. And they were then

But little did I know, they’d be nothing compared to what was coming. Because, though much more tiring, these are really the days.

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