It's Baby Month!

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It is so surreal to me that we will be adding another little family member to our tribe this month. My husband is excited and pretty cool as a cucumber... I, on the other hand, am torn between wanting to meet him already and not have this big bump versus loving his kicks and needing the next few weeks to prepare for his arrival.

Admittedly, grieving while in my last weeks of pregnancy has been tough but it has also pushed me to try to think more positively. I know that's what Abby would want me to do. She loved kids, loved S and was excited for Baby #2. I was/am so sad that they won't meet here on earth but people have reminded me that they will cross paths above and she'll send him down with extra love.

As far as preparation goes, we have been so busy the last few weeks-months so it's been a bit difficult to truly prepare for his arrival. I am hoping this weekend we will hopefully begin getting things in order. By that I mean washing a lot of newborn and 0-3 month clothes and organizing.

We are in desperate need of shelving for the boys' closets and in the boys' bedroom and playroom so hopefully we can around to that, too. I plan to pack our hospital bags, or at least start so I know what else is needed. The baby is pretty set but his dad and I, on the other hand... not so much.

We also have to order S's big brother present(s). He'll be getting a new baby brother and some cool new toys (we're thinking something like this). Lucky him!

What are some things you did the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare for your new addition?


  1. I can't believe it's baby month! Time has gone by so fast.

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