What I'm looking forward to in October

I'm writing this post in hopes of feeling more positive since I've had multiple meltdowns this week about going back to workI don't want to continue to lament on my negative feelings. Instead I want to tell you why I'm still more happy than I am sad for this time of year. 

We're waiting until October, which is TOMORROW!, to get into full fall mode around our home and though I can wait for the month (it brings the end of maternity leave for me :( ), I still love all the decor. 

I am excited to meet our new niece in Michigan and to experience it in the fall. I am looking forward to the change of foliage--it's one of my favorite parts about the season. Then there's the cooler weather. My hair stays straight AND I get to wear flannel, sweaters, scarves and boots. Win-win. Plus, dressing a baby in all of the aforementioned = all the heart eyes. 

I am looking forward to Mr. L and my dad's birthdays, pumpkin picking and Halloween, especially as a family of three. We might or might not have already bought one of Baby L's Halloween costumes (we totally did). We just couldn't help ourselves and yep, we plan on dressing him up twice.

And then once Halloween has come and gone, my Christmas countdown begins. I know, i know--I'm kind of moving too fast. I reaally do want October to last but I've already bought the baby some Christmas pajamas and outfits because 1) I couldn't pass up a great sale.and 2) let's be serious, Christmastime is my absolute favorite 

The holidays are going to be so much more fun and meaningful with him.  I know, because life is so much more and meaningful fun with him in our lives.