Reflecting on Five Years of Marriage

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Ours is a love story that movies are made of — not simply because it is romantic and full of love, which it is (he rescheduled 3 flights for me the weekend we met!), but because it has always had its share of complexities. 

We grew up very differently. Even when we met, our lives were vastly different. He had just returned from a seven month deployment with the Navy and I was in my first year of law school. I wasn’t even single at the time...

Our pasts have given us distinct experiences and helped mold us each into who we are today. And though none of it can be changed, we hold the power to rise above and heal traumas, to continue traditions and make our own fond family memories and to grow into who we are while building upon our strengths. We can help one another do that — and we try our best to. 

This means marriage, especially after having kids (because #parenthoodisstressful), has taken work. We have had to work each and everyday of our relationship to become better individually and together. It might not sound all perfect and pretty — and that’s because it isn’t. It’s better than that — it’s real. 

We are each other’s compass when one of us is feeling lost. We are each other’s shoulder when ours feel too heavy from burden. We are each other’s safe place when the world outside feels too cold or scary. We bring out the best parts of each other and help work through our not-so-great parts. 

Ours is a love story that has withstood doubt, distance, fear and darkness. It has given us the greatest gifts in the form of our sons. And it is based upon a love that continues to evolve, grow and thrive. 

Cheers to us!

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