Motherhood: My Most Defining Experience of the Past Decade

I have lost myself in Motherhood but more importantly, I have found myself here, too.
If I had to choose the most defining experience of the past decade it has been Motherhood. 

From marriage to career, Motherhood has profoundly impacted every aspect of my life. 
It has made me feel—really feel. 
It has given me the biggest joys in the form of the purest souls. 
It has made me feel crippling guilt—from the way I birthed my babies to the way I’ve yelled. 

It has made me feel both under-appreciated and overwhelmed, appreciated and at peace. 
It has made me feel despair and anxious, proud and excited. 
It has filled me with a love that feels bigger than just that.  
It has been the acknowledgment that we - myself, the kids, my husband- are all learning. 

It has been long days and restless nights. 
It has been compromise and cuddles... oh the cuddles!
It has been the realization that being their Mom is my life’s greatest work.  

Motherhood has blessed me. 
It has challenged me. 
It has transformed me. 
It has empowered me. 

It has birthed me into the Mom that I am, the person I always wanted to be. 
And I like who that is. 
... No, actually, I love her

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