Through the Years: Looking Back on my Decade via Blog Posts

There has been so much change over the past 10 years. With the changes have come growing pains, joy, celebrations and sorrow. The overarching feelings I am feeling are gratefulness and happiness, though.

Take a look back at the past 10 years via my blog posts:


I graduated Penn State with honors, traveled to China, and started law school. (My blog did not exist yet so no blog posts.)


met my husband. I made a decision that had been weighing on my heart. Later that year, my husband moved to Hawaii and we decided to have a really long distance relationship.


I celebrated the new year in Hawaii. During my husband's deployment, I launched my blog - this was my first blog post. I kept my blog a secret from people I knew for almost five years.


I graduated law school, got sober, briefly lived in Hawaii, and moved to Chicago where I was a prosecutor. My husband and I won a long distance relationship contest! Later that year, I used the Southwest plane tickets we won to meet him and family in Vegas, where we met, and we got engaged!


My husband got out of the military and joined me in Chicago (homecoming post). We got married and honeymooned in Brazil.


My husband and I moved from Chicago and moved to Brooklyn, NYC. I decided to continue my career in a different capacity, working for a nonprofit dedicated to preventing and ending intimate partner and gender-based violence. We celebrated our first year of marriage with a trip to Quebec City.


We announced our first pregnancy and that summer became parents to our firstborn, Sebastian!


publicly re-launched my blog and launched my blog Instagram account- follow me! We vacationed to Disney, announced our second pregnancy, and became homeowners!


My cousin Abby passed after a 2.5 year battle with cancer. A month later, we became parents to our secondborn, Rafael, who brought light and love into our lives after a hard period and very difficult loss of Abby. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Boston.


My blog and Instagram business picked up, a career goal came true for me when I started working from home and my husband became a full-time business grad student. We took family vacations to Puerto Rico and Disney. My husband and I celebrated five years of marriage with a trip to Colorado by ourselves!

I am so excited for what is in store in 2020 and beyond. My biggest hope, though, is for a lifetime of health and happiness with my kids, husband and family.

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