How I Do it “All”

Here’s the thing about doing it “all”: I can’t.

I’ve realized it’s impossible. So when you ask me how I do it,  it’s really because I’m getting help behind-the-scenes and my house isn’t the tidiest all the time.

Recently, my older son brought up wanting friends. I also realized I could not devote the time that is needed to teach him. With a younger child, a full-time career, my Moments of Musing business, and house work, I am stretched pretty thin.

 So, today I enrolled my older son in preschool and he begins in a couple days!

It’s hard letting go of my baby and of the idea I had in my head for homeschooling him for pre school. At the same time, he is excited, and I am excited for him, to get 1-on-1 time with my younger son and to maybe have some downtime to get work done.

This has all been a lesson to me that it’s okay to change and realign plans, and that you simply can’t do it “all” ... no matter how great of a mom, wife & employee, etc. you are.

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