Mama, Take a Break Before You Break

I think there’s a misconception out there that in order to be the best mom you can be, we have to give all of ourselves. Every ounce. Every part. But that simply isn’t true. 

Time for ourselves is healthy. 
Uninterrupted sleep is necessary. 
Feeling touched out is normal.
Turning down social invites is okay.
Taking care of ourselves is crucial.

Just because we birthed our babies doesn’t suddenly mean we are no longer important. That we no longer have needs. News Flash: We are still people with needs, if not MORE needs than ever before. 

We need to take care of ourselves. Not stretch ourselves too thin... to the point of possibly breaking. 

Becoming a mother is a transformative period. There’s no doubt about that. But transformation doesn’t require sacrificing oneself. It means quite the opposite. It means honoring the person you were in order to become the person you are. 

Transformation means staying true to who you are. It means constant learning. It means growth. 

So mamas, as you continue on your journey of motherhood please remember to check in with yourself. To look out for your wellbeing. Because You matter. 

Your family needs you. 
Your kids need you. 
You need you.

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