Chalk it Up to Luck ... or Hard Work?

Sometimes when speaking with my husband about our life, I call ourselves lucky. But then I remember how much hard work we’ve put in to get here. 

I think about hyperventilating and feeling overly anxious when I had to go back to work after my first maternity leave. 

I think about crying in the shower thinking up plans to be able to live a life more closely aligned with my vision of motherhood. 

I think about my plans, my hopes, my dreams. 

I think about what I did each step of the way to lead to me to the next step.

I think about how much studying, hard work and perseverance I put in and practiced to get to where I am today.

I think about my husband's difficult transition into civilian life. (Side note: The military does not help as much as they should but that's a post for another day.)

I think about his decision to get a college degree to better our future. 

I think about his decision to get his MBA to advance his career.

And then I think about his life story and how hard he has worked to get to where he is today.

So though I do think sometimes luck plays a part in life, I don't think we would have gotten anywhere near where we are without putting in effort.

While I don’t know where exactly our journeys will take us, I am trusting our decisions and growing more and more excited (while still a little nervous) for us. We have worked hard to become the people, couple and parents we are. And we won't stop working to become better.

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