Back-to-School Eyeglasses

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I’ve worn eyeglasses since I was a little kid— and by that I mean around four- or five-years-old. I vividly remember cheating on my first eye exam. It’s actually one of my earliest memories haha. The eye doctor and my mom were discussing something right outside of the exam room. Quickly, I turned around and memorized some of the pictures. I still remember one picture was a cake. 

Well, needless to say I had to get a different prescription after tripping on the stairs while wearing my purple Minnie glasses. That was my first lesson that cheating doesn’t pay off. It also started what would become a yearly tradition—eye doctor appointment and new glasses. 

I don’t remember really dreading the eye doctor until about freshman year of high school. I started feeling this uneasiness and anxiety. Somehow, getting my eye exam made me feel unintelligent because I felt like I failed every time. Kids think of bizarre stuff, huh? 

Fast forward to today and I love my glasses, especially my clear Missoni frames. They’re trendy and feel sturdy. As for my Revolution pair, they come with clip on sunglasses, which I wore in Florida. Usually, I get a headache in the sun because I wear sunglasses without prescription so it was a welcomed change to have prescription sunglasses on. 

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