My Husband is an Instagram Husband

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How do you get your husband involved in photographing content for you?

I’ve been thinking about this topic because it came up in an Instagram support group of influencers and bloggers.  I know it can be a common struggle among bloggers and influencers to get your partner involved in taking photos for your content. What it comes down to for me is my husband’s willingness, and quite frankly desire, to help me build my brand and business.

It’s actually mutually beneficial. I save money on a photographer and get my photos. In turn, I am able to contribute financially to our household even more because of the content.

Honestly, having an Instagram Husband isn’t just convenient, it’s crucial to my business. In all seriousness, it would all be a heck of a lot harder without his unwavering support.  

So, how does it work? He photographs, usually with my creative direction, and I edit. 

Did / does my husband love taking photos just because? No, and he still sometimes get annoyed if I’m trying to photograph special moments versus being present (I’ve worked on this, which I think is a common struggle among content creators). BUT he enjoys being my partner in all things, cheering me on, and helping me out. After all, we both want one another to be successful.

So if you are struggling with getting your partner involved, maybe you can frame it with the following ideas:

  • His/her support matters. In a newer and small business, having extra help from family or friends can go far.
  • Posting to Instagram (and other platforms) is about much more than just sharing photos on social media. It’s a business tool! 
  • You will be able to contribute more money by saving money on a photographer.
  • Simply put, it’s nice to have a supportive partner, someone who lifts up your dreams. 

I truly hope this information helps to get your partner on board. Good luck!

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