Change is Coming... and How I Feel About It

As a little girl, my dreams were very different than how my life is now. That does not mean those dreams were any less valuable or worthwhile. They probably are even moreso now. Lately, the  dreams of my younger self have been on my mind and on my heart.

Do I follow those dreams? 
Will they keep me back from my dreams now
What is the best thing to do?
What should I do? 

This all brings me back to my solo move to Chicago. Initially, my dad was for it and my mom against it. As it became clearer that I had a good shot of landing my dream job, they did a role reversal! My dad didn't want me to move but my mom was all for it (I think it really was because she knew how excited I was).

They've recently done the same thing again-- having initial opinions and then changing their minds. Yes, here I am, 30-years-old and a mother seeking the advice of my parents. While I am an adult with children of my own, their opinions are still something I sincerely value.

I think as parents they worry about how change would affect me, and now also the family Tim and I have created. Of course, Tim and I have thought about that, too. I've thought about it a lot and all the unanswered questions scare me. Heck, just the thought of change can overwhelm me.

So, I remind myself:
Change is inevitable. It happens every day, every moment to people all over the world.

And yet, it still has the ability to push me out of my comfort zone, for good or for bad (... but hopefully more for good in this case.)

Because change is scary. Along with change comes so much unknown, many more what-ifs, and a lingering wonder about why and a constant question of whether it is worth the risk.

We can't really know the answers until we try though, can we?

That being said, our family is about to experience a big life change. Stay tuned for what it is!

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