Be Present This Summer

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Hi this is a friendly reminder to get outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Make memories with your kids + loved ones. Do what brings you the most joy. Take care of yourself. 

Take a dip in the ocean. Wear the swim suit, C-section/postpartum pouch and all. Step away from negativity— both your own thoughts and of others. 

And put a limit on your time spent on your phone and social media. (I’ve recently set my daily Instagram limit to 1 hr. 5 min. and though I usually go a bit over, it certainly keeps me in check.) 

It might seem counterintuitive coming from a blogger/ “influencer” but I don’t want you to lose out on everyday, real life moments because you’re too wrapped up in your phone. Heck, I refuse to miss out on real life moments because I am too wrapped up on it. 

What good would my messages of positivity be if they are causing that kind of negativity? 

So, be present this summer. Enjoy your summer and each other. I’ll still be here, as will the rest of Instagram and social media when you get on it. 

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  1. Totally agree with the social media limit. Finding the activity tracker in Instagram has made me a lot more careful of how I spend my time there.