Summer 2019 Vacation Destination

This post is sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA but all opinions are my own.

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By now you might have realized that we love to travel.  Over the years we have traveled abroad (honeymoon | "annimoon"), throughout the country and here in New York. One thing my husband and I knew when we had kids was that we wanted to take them along with us on our travels as much as possible.  While traveling with kids makes traveling more complex it also makes it more memorable. We love that we are helping them build traveling memories of their own From young ages. We also recognize that sometimes we just all need a break kids included. 

This summer we are headed back to a place we went a couple of years ago.  We are excited for R to make his very first memories at Walt Disney World and for S to return and make memories that he possibly will remember. 

We are planning on a bit of an extended vacation in Florida and we are planning to visit a new city this time. As you might or might not know my first time visiting Florida was when I was 11 months (see photo of me I yellow bathing suit above)  old. I’ve been many times since so I have been well over 20 times. Yet each time I visit, I am experience new things and activities and I make new memories. 

It’s become pretty clear to me that no matter how many times a visit I can always experience a first. That’s what makes Florida so great to me and why we hope to continue visiting throughout the years.

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