Raising Dreamers


They  can give us hope. They can give us happiness. They can tell us not all is lost. 

I saw that poem written on the “Dreams Take Flight” mural painted in downtown State College while visiting Penn State recently. Those lines stood out to me. 

You see, I’m a dreamer and by dreamer, I mean I tend to dream BIG. I have so many things on my list of goals I’d love to accomplish. Some are totally doable; some I’ve already accomplished; and some are huge, risky and uncertain. 

When I became a mom, my biggest goal was the be more present in my kids’ lives. Throughout the years, I have worked my tail off to be able to build my brand, as well as my reputation at work. And now, I feel like I have a pretty healthy work-life experience. (I don't say work-life balance because it is not a reality for me). 

I want to show my boys it’s okay (and even good) to have dreams, to dream big. And that no age is too young or too old to be a dreamer. In fact, I think having dreams will make them happier. 

A recent Psychology Today study found an increase in optimistic thinking among kids who created dreams for themselves. 

As for my toddler, his dreams currently include being a firefighter, police office and doctor. (He LOVES going to the doctor.) I have brought him to work with me a few times to show him around my office and provide a snapshot of what I do while I am away from him. He can now identify when I am at work and knows I take the train to work in Manhattan. 

I also want to show the boys that you must work hard and pursue your dreams in order for them to materialize. I hope to show them that dreams can come true because they’ve seen their dad and I accomplish our goals, and live out our dreams. 

Of course, I hope I can help make their dreams come true. After all, they made my #1 dream of being a mom a reality.

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