That Baby in the Sonogram

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That baby in the sonogram is born into the world. And then somehow that baby is 1 and walking. Then he’ll be 2 and talking, and so on and so on. 

Each year that follows, he’ll grow to be less dependent and more independent. 

Each year, I will wonder where the time has gone, how it is that time is so fleeting, and I’ll hold onto all of the memories. I’ll lovingly (with a tinge or sadness mixed in) look back and excitedly look forward. 

While my kids are still both little, I know this to be true because I was a kid myself once. I understand what it’s like to grow up and grow older. I remember how it felt as a kid and teen (and yes, even now) to reminisce on the past and be excited but scared of the future. 

And I know this is all necessary. I know one day, my kids will stop co-sleeping and cuddling and showering me with kisses. I know they’ll prefer their own bed and their own friends and they will reserve a hello and goodbye kiss for me, if I’m lucky. 

But that will happen in time on its own time. For now, I have now. So I will enjoy co-sleeping and cuddling and being showered in kisses. I will gladly share my bed and be their best friend. I will hold onto all of this that is happening, while well aware that these memories in the making are priceless ...and timeless. 

Because you see, whole time will go on and change and wait for no one, I will have these memories and these moments and these feelings that not even fleeting time can change or take with it. 

sonogram, baby sonogram, baby, pregnancy, motherhood

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