My Toddler's Biggest Public Tantrum Yet

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The weather this second half of the week has been AMAZING so I’ve taken the boys out and about. Yesterday, we had such a great day with Pumpspotting and One Split Pea Photography at the Children's Museum. That doesn’t mean our day was perfect, though ...

S had an epic meltdown screaming/ crying at the top of his lungs at the museum all because he didn’t want to play with R ... I’m talking running away from me and hiding AKA I freaked out for a few moments and someone asked if I needed help lol 

He wouldn’t take deep breaths or let me hug him like I kept asking... My options were to leave, pick him up and have him tantrum harder, or let him have his meltdown and then continue on with our time. 

I dug deep within myself, remained pretty calm, and chose the latter because I knew it would quickly pass and I knew we’d still have a good time afterwards. I wasn’t really embarrassed because, well, he’s not even 3 and still figuring out how to deal with his emotions ...I mean aren’t we all?  (by the way, the museum was pretty loud so I didn’t feel like we were disturbing others much.) 

It was difficult, though, and I completely understand why parents choose to just leave. I think one year ago I probably would’ve done the same ...and who knows, maybe sometime I will but over time, I’ve tried practicing patience and empathy more. 

All of this is to say there’s no right way and parenthood is nottttt easy peasy (... though still so, so worth it.)

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